I Want to Work for SpaceX

     I feel that SpaceX is currently what NASA was during the 1960's. Many of the major accomplishments that we look back on were done by NASA during this period, and now that the space race is over it looks like SpaceX will be the future symbol of what humanity can achieve in space.

Where do I fit into this?

     I am a Software Engineering student at the University of Waterloo going into his 3B term. I am seeking a 4 month internship at SpaceX for winter 2013 (Jan - April).  I am open to any software development/testing you have available, but I likely would be most useful to you in my areas of prior experience.

Web Experience

     A lot of my experience has been in web development.  Specifically, in reporting things that are important. These include an internal dashboard for a currency market maker, and the test result dashboard for NVIDIA's CUDA project.  I own my own sites and administrate them on the EC2 cloud.  One of my most popular projects is a mirror of the entire Wikipedia, where every word has been misspelled, but is still phonetically readable (wikipeetia.org). As part of this project, I also build a list of 25,000 instances of redundant phrases that exist in Wikipedia. These phrases can almost certainly be replaced with shorter phrases that mean the exact same thing. (eg. "not far from" => "near").

Software Engineering

     I'm not just a web developer. I have a healthy share of c/c++ under my belt as well. This past school term me and 3 classmates were required to build a real-time operating system that ran on bare hardware, completely from scratch. Our group got a mark of 106% on the final demo of our OS. The extra 6% was partly because of an ascii-art wall clock I wrote that ran in the terminal. This was an improvement over the basic timestamp output which was requested. I also had awesome teammates which was essential for such a great mark.  If you're ambitious enough, you can clone our operating system on github.